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Written by Trever   
Feb 25, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Custom box to replace spare tire well
Custom fabrication and wiring

 We had a few solid days of wrench time in this month and the car is starting to take shape.  The spare tire well was cut out of the trunk and Cal & Bunny bent up some sheet-metal to make a new box that was better suited for a race car.  One Friday night we pulled a late-nighter and Andy, Jeff and Bunny all came over for some late night wrenching where we got a lot of fabrication and wiring done.  Check out the post for more pics.

Spare tire well was cut out

Cal cut out the spare tire well and got some sheet-metal to replace it with.  You can also see the Team-Z chomemoly coil-over support that was welded in place as well as the coilover brackets that were welded on the axle tubes.  We've been weighing parts as we take them off and replace them with light weight components, I think we've taken around 150 lbs out of the car with things we've either eliminated or replaced, but usually replaced.

Coil overs and fabrication
Coil overs and support for box

 A view from the back of the coil-overs and mocking up of the support for the sheetmetal box.

Battery box and meth tank in custom box
Custom box is mocked-up

Custom fuel tank
Custom fuel tank and brackets are mounted in place with custom box

Bumper cover
Bumper cover is fitted in place to check clearance.

334 cubic inch turbo
I got started on wiring again

LS2 Coils mounted on valve cover
The LS coils and valve covers were put in place and I got started on wiring in the coils.

Ford Explorer Crank trigger and pickup for AEM
Mocking up the Ford Explorer crank sensor and wheel

Engine wiring
Engine wiring is starting to take shape

Injector wiring is done and sensors are being wired in.

Injector wiring harness
Close-up of the custom injector harness.

Passenger side coils are wired in

GM IAC sensor wired into AEM
GM Idle Air Control (IAC) was wired into the AEM.

Racepak IQ3 Dash
The stock gauge cluster was remove and a Florida 5.0 dash replaced it. A Racepak IQ3 dash was sourced from Joe from Hyperaktive Performance Solutions.

Custom electronics mount
Cal fabricated a custom hinged tray to mount the electronics behind the dash and make it easy to service.

Custom electronics mount hinged up in pace.

Next up - Finish the wiring and start on the fuel system.



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