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Written by Trever   
Jan 23, 2011 at 06:19 AM

Ford Mustang Custom Wiring
91 GT Custom Wiring Harness

Work is continuing on Jeff's GT.  In a previous post I mentioned that we'll be going through the wiring to replace the old wiring in the car an in effort to make the car more reliable.  UPS delivered some boxes last week and today Bunny & I got to work installing some new parts.  Click through for this week's update.

Rebel Wire 20-circuit EFI Harness
We used Rebel Wire's 20 circuit EFI wiring harness.

A few different parts showed up this week, but the biggest item was the new chassis wiring harness that Jeff bought from Rebel Wire.  Not wanting to rely on the old wiring that previous owners had modified, cut, spliced, etc.  We decided it was best to just start from scratch with a new harness.  Cal found Rebel Wire's website and they have some very reasonably kits available that are pre-assembled with the fuse box, relay, SXL wiring and all wires are cut to length and screen printed with the wire's intended use.

Rebel Wire harness
Laying out the Rebel Wire harness.

Rebel Wire harness
Rear tail lights and leads are plenty long enough. All wiring is SXL grade, heavier gauge than most applications require and all the wires are pre-labeled.

Rebel Wire
We fed the wiring through a hole in the firewall that puts it in the drivers side fender. We're trying to keep the engine compartment as clean as possible.

Rebel Wire
Here you can see the wire laid across the front and it is more than long enough to reach across the front of the car and reach the passenger side lights.

Maximum Motorsports Manual Brake Kit


Maximum Motorsports Manual Brake Booster Kit
Cal thought it would clean up the engine compartment a bit more if we nixed the brake booster. I couldn't agree more. He bought Maximum Motorsports kit and it comes complete with everything required to convert to a manual pedal. Their kit changes the pedal geometry to improve pedal feel and comes with top notch components. Bunny had it installed in a snap. The only additional thing requires was that we had to drill a hole for one of the brake lines in the shock tower.

Engine Harness 

AEM Series 2 Universal Wiring Harness
We drilled a hole in the center of the firewall to run the EMS harness. I'll be separating the engine harness into three separate sub-harnesses to make working on the engine as easy as possible and keep any sensor feedback to a minimum.

Ford Small Block 334 Turbo and AEM Universal Wiring Harness
I laid all the leads out to their respective sensors to try to get an idea on the best way to run the wires. I'll be working to hide as much as I can.

Ford Small Block 334 Turbo and AEM Universal Wiring Harness
Here you can see the engine harness passing through the firewall.

AEM UEGO Sensor 334 Turbo
I ran the AEM UEGO wiring inside the drivers side fender to hide it.

AEM Universal Wiring Harness
After some discussion, we decided to run the cam & crank sensor wiring as far from the coil and injector harness as possible. I ran the cam & crank wiring through a separate firewall hole and these wires will feed along the passenger side of the block.




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