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Written by Trever   
Jan 13, 2011 at 11:41 AM


We've been turning wrenches on the Red GT again.  Cal came home for the holidays and after a lot of time was spent finishing up some painting in the garage, we got to work thrashing on the car.  The car was stripped down in preparation to get a new roll cage and some other chassis modifications.  The engine and trans were finally mated together and slid back into the car.  Click through for more pics and information on this build.

stripped interior
Interior has been stripped

Interior was completely removed and the rollbar that came with the car was cut out.  A new Wolfe Racecraft chromoly rollcage is being installed in its place.  There's also a serious effort to lighten things up.  The dash as well as all of the factory wiring was removed and we'll be going through it in an effort to remove as much weight as we can and try to make the wiring as reliable as possible.

Spare tire well cut out
Spare tire well was cut out and will be replaced with sheetmetal. A custom battery tray will be fabricated in its place.


Wolfe Racecraft Cromoly Cage
Wolfe Racecraft Cromoly cage is being tacked in place.
Motor and trans
Engine and trans are mated together and ready to be dropped back into the car. A4 Ford Motorsports block and a PowerGlide transmission with JW Ultrabell.
Jeff and Bunny
Motor and trans were slid back into the car. Here Jeff and Bunny are reassembling the turbo kit.
Jeff Cal and Bunny
Jeff Cal and Bunny are working on mounting the intercooler back into the car.
Intercooler is being mounted.
Motor is back in the car and all turbo piping was reattached. There will need to be some alterations since the bonnet & throttle body combination this motor was dyno'd with wouldn't fit under the hood without some modifications. We decided to swap on a 80mm throttle body and elbow we had at the shop that will allow ample hood clearance.
Here's a side shot of the motor with the PT-78 turbo in place.
Turbo piping on the driver's side. Air cleaner is visible behind the cold side piping inside the fender.

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