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Written by Trever   
May 08, 2007 at 08:16 AM

Restomod Futura
Restomod Futura waiting to get exhaust
Things are coming together on the Fairmont.  Eric and I loaded the car onto the car hauler last Saturday and hauled it over to my friend Jim Sheren's house.  Jim is an excellent welder/fabricator and is helping me build the exhaust (or rather: he's building my exhaust, I'm helping him :).  Jim and I worked most of the day Sunday and got at least 1/2 of the exhaust done.  Right now it looks absolutely awesome, I can't wait to get some pictures of it up here on the site.

As for my EMS issue, I received it back yesterday and it has been modified to drive all 8 coils directly from the ECU.  This solves my previous problem of needing to build an external coil driver mentioned in earlier posts.  This simplifies matters greatly and is the reason I bought the AEM Universal EMS in the first place!

Maybe I'm being a little optimistic, but if things keep coming together the way they have been I'll be able to drive the car sometime in the next week!

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