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Written by Trever   
Nov 07, 2004 at 02:08 PM

TT460 Fairmont Timeslips


Took the car to Milan Dragway for some passes. This track was the only one in my area that was open this weekend. I jumped at the opportunity since the weather was great. Recent changes to the car are an upgraded 8.8" rear end with Moser axles, spool, 2.73 gears, and Weld Racing Pro-Star rims. Tires are 10.5" M/T ET Streets. The track was pretty packed, so I only managed to get three runs in. It was well worth the wait between rounds.

I still need to work on perfecting my driving with this car. Boost comes on quickly. I'm really happy with the way the car runs. It's not very loud, pulls like a freight train, and rides nicely. It's not squirrely on the track anymore with the new rear. The C6 transmission performs flawlessly, but I need to work on my 1-2 shift since my data shows I'm shifting way too early. The 2-3 shift was made at about 5000RPM, and I passed through the traps at around 4900RPM.

First Pass off the trailer was an 11.781 @ 120.25. Car spun off the line pretty bad and only had a 2.0 60-foot time. Once the car hooked it felt really good down the rest of the track. Car number 380 in the left lane.

Second Pass I dropped tire pressure down to 10psi (down from 12psi), and spent a little more time trying to heat up the tires to get the car to hook. Bumped timing 2-degrees at the top end. No other changes to car. Car number 380 in the left lane and ran 11.575 @ 121.03. 60-foot was improved to 1.900. Car still spun a little off the line.

Third Pass and the best of the day! Car number "FAIRMONT" in the right lane. Dropped tire pressure down to 9psi, and changed lanes. Took my time doing a burnout this time. No other changes. Car ran 11.449 @ 121.01! The time spent changing tire pressure and warming up the tires paid off with a 1.765 60-foot time. I think I shifted into 2nd too soon again on this pass.

As I get used to driving the car I'm sure my times will improve. Not only that but the car still isn't fully tuned. Timing is still pretty conservative, and the fuel is a tad on the rich side for safety.

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