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Written by Trever   
Nov 28, 2004 at 02:06 PM

Below are some pictures of the Twin Turbo 460 heads being fitted with new Manley Race Master Stainless Steel one piece valves.  These valves are 2.19" on the intake and 1.76" on the exhaust. Pockets were cut and 3-angles cut using a Mira Grinding Machine. Intake and exhaust ports were smoothed using carbide burrs and sanding rolls.

Holy Cow!  

Allright...  As you all should know, termites don't live in cast iron cylinder heads.  That pile of iron sitting in front of the head is what I dumped out of ONE intake port after cutting the valve pocket out!  In this picture, all of the intake pockets have been cut and only the topmost intake valve seat had been cut.  


Here I am getting dirty and grinding the 3-angle valve seats with a Mira grinding machine.  Pretty hard work, but it'll be worthwhile in the end!  


Now that the valve seats are cut, the port work begins!  Here I am working away.  

The Results are in!

ChartObject 460 EFI HeadIntake Port

Pretty much the same was done for the intake as was done for the exhaust with the exception that a sanding roll was not used on this port.   Flow was tested on a SuperFlow flowbench at 28" H20.

ChartObject 460 EFI Head Exhaust Port

Here is the Exhaust Flow Chart.  This is with a 3 angle valve seat and a ground out valve pocket.  Somewhat minor port work was done, just a slight cleanup and a once over with a sanding roll.

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