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Written by Trever   
Nov 22, 2006 at 02:10 PM

The TT460 Engine

  Above is a side shot of the 460.  This is an '88 block which came with cast aluminum valve covers and intake.  The exhaust manifolds were painted with Eastwood's Stainless Hi-Temp Paint.  The pain actually withstood the heat generated by the turbos for several years.  This motor ran a best of 11.45 @ 122 MPH in the 1/4 mile and had extremely good manners on the street.

Here are the specs on the 460 mill:
  • 460 fuelie Cast Iron cylinder heads (1988 castings)
    • Light port match and polished
    • Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds to be utilized, no headers!
    • Larger Manley Valves
  • Stock Crankshaft
  • ARP Main Studs to hold in the crank
  • Clevite 77 Main/Cam/Rod Bearings
  • Stock cast pistons and rods, stock hardened rod bolts
  • Stock late model 460 aluminum intake for Port Fuel Injection with dual plane runners
  • Twin-barrel stock truck throttle body
  • Modified upper plenum off of the stock intake
  • Milled lower intake to remove plenum separator
  • Crane Cams Mild Hydraulic Street Cam and Crane Valve Springs
    • Cam Specs (Int/Exh): Advertised Duration 272/284, Duration @ .050" 216/228, Lift .515"/.544"
    • Crane Machined locks -.050"
    • Eaton VL67RH Race Hydraulic lifters
  • Manley Race Master Stainless Steel Valves 2.19" Int/1.76" Exh
  • Stock retainers,  rocker arms and pushrods
  • Sealed Power Piston Rings
  • Double Roller Timing Chain
  • High Volume Oil Pump
  • Weiand Aluminum water pump
  • Summit Racing SFI Certified Steel Harmonic Damper
  • 8 - 77# high impedence fuel injectors
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